WWE 2K17 Download PS3 Game Full Version

5 months ago
WWE 2K17
WWE 2K17 Download PS3 is a wrestling simulation video games series. The game is highly compressed with DLC and codex repack. It also have Android APK app and PC version. Fullfreepcgame.com provides all the superstars list in its rooster along with guide about crowd fighting and hell in a cell. The steam showcase for multiplayer have extreme movements screenshots capture feature. Goldbeg and CM Punk are the most played characters in online version while Brock Lessner is the second in the line. In the Deluxe and Collectors edition you will get extra features like the Divas custumes and Zombie Survival. Money in the bank is the only mode that is availabel for steam players only.


  1. Download the PES game ISO, RAR, EXE of Zip file to your PC.
  2. Now Copy data with extension .pkg onto your USB (NTFS).
  3. Navigate to multiman and tap on TOGGLE FAT32 / NTFS drop-down to PFS DRIVER.
  4. Choose FILE MANAGER / MMOS.
  5. Locate for the .pkg on the NTFS drive the next step is to double click on it and press button X for two times.
  6. Coping of the file .pkg will start wait for a while that it completes now exit and go to the XMB where the game is located to be installed.
  7. Find Red Dead Redemption and enjoy it.


  1. Operating System ::::: PlayStation 3.
  2. Processor :::::: Cell microprocessor 3.2 GHZ Power Base.
  3. Free space ::::: 7.89 GB.
  4. Memory :::::: 2X 128 MB of RAMBUS XDR DRAM.
  5. Graphics ::::::: Nvidia G70 128 MB GDDR3.
  6. Sound ::::::: Yes.

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  • WoW! This Game is dank cool. My friend was not knowing of how to install pirated games on PS3 without risking it. I told him the tutorial from your website and now he was able to play WWE 2k17 with DLCs and latest updates.

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  • i want to say thanks to gtx games for providing this otherwebsites gives fake but dtx game has given and it is working i downloaded it 3 days before and really its working no crash thanks gtx games

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