FIX Games Errors

Fix Games Errors

Dear users please check the following software and system setting / procedures to Fix any kind of ERRORS before you play or install your desired game.

  1. In case you have DLL errors check you have install latest version of DIRECT X on your system which the most required component in all old latest game to drive its 3D game engine.
  2. Visual C+++ Redistributor which required to read the language of the game coding . we recommended to install 2014 or latest version.
  3. Net Framework .Net Core .Xamarin that is mostly by Microsoft Windows application to help your operating read CLR language.
  4. The most important and largely ignored by all users is the installation of the following software to extract the game or mount it on your PC
    a. Winrar
    b. Power ISO
    c. WinZip
  5. Other errors like Need to login to Uplay means you have purchase Uplay ID in order to the run game or Origin / Steam to play the game in case it is not yet cracked.
  6. Please turn off your Anti Virus or Windows Defender before installation of the game or software because it not allow to add FIX file to the installation folder.